Thursday, July 12, 2007

Zeitgeist: 2007 The Movie

Here is the movie - Kind of old, but new theory I would say.
The video editing is slick. The story boarding technique is typical where explosive and poignant images come up to shake the viewer, and make him/her mold-eable to a conclusion that is backed by sources. Unfortunately, the book-sources for Part I, II, and III include books that have been oft-quoted and heavily criticised (Acharya S, Gerald Massey anyone ?). Looking at it from the other side, this is a piece of brilliant storytelling, and an entirely believable concept. The problem being that "intellectuals" ask for imminent proof of open secrets (like who exactly benefits from the Oil war. BTW my next post would be a comparison of oil consumption in the US versus the rest of the world-believe the figures or not). And this may become one of the "Good Documentaries" that people watch and then forget over time.

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