Monday, November 23, 2009

2012: My Review

I watched 2012 yesterday. What Crap ! Here is the story in 7 stages

1. The Americans outsource Geological Services to India, and some Indian points out that the earth is doomed
2. Americans outsource contruction of the Arcs to the Chinese
3. They then sell the seats on the Arc to Rich Europeans and Middle Eastern Sheikhs
4. They screw up on the deadline date at least 3 times
5. Then they try to screw the rich blots by leaving them outside the ships inspite of having got the complete payment from them (akin to Insurance companies)
6. The rich fat slobs, politicians, and general vermin (literally) finally get onto the ship, set sail in the storm, and finally there is hope that they will repopulate the earth with more like them. What a way to selective mutation while the rest of the world drowns (Amen)
7. The lousy geologist makes out with the Prez's daughter; There's some cheap black comedy with a fat rich Russian who deserves to die and he does; Lousy Author's Wife has no choice but to get back with him (her other option dies)