Monday, May 10, 2010

Priceless - This 911 Letter

It Goes like this.
Dear Sir,

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself to you, well I am Dr.Mathins Young,I am attached to Genesis Pharma and Laboratory London I am looking for a dependable individual that I can trust, someone who is willing and honest enough to carry out this transaction, with diligent to the best of his/her ability. Basically, I normally travel to India to purchase a HERB Called RAVIVO SEED. The RAVIVO SEEDis one of the active herb use in manufacturing of anti HIV/AIDS drug.The herb contain 10 sachet in a packet.These products, are rare and in high demand here in Britain,it was introduce to our company by a Indian, Mr. Vinod Sharma, who gave me a sample for test on my last visit to Holland. I have searched to a conclusive point that this said product are specifically found in the South/East Coast of Asia in which we can purchase in a large amount for supply at an affordable price in India,China,Taiwan and Malaysia from a reputable dealer.

The  Genesis Pharma and laboratory have mandated to come over to Asia topurchase this HERB mentioned above. but the issue right now, is that, I need the correspondence of a reliable partner, who will stand as the distributor. The actual selling price from the dealers in India is Rs.45,000($950 USD)per packet and it is sold here in Britain at the rate of $1,900USD to Pharmaceutical companies/medical research institute. I don't want our marketing manager to go directly go to the dealer because the company has allocated $1,900USD per pack to purchase the product.

My appeal to you is for your assistance, to get the product from the dealers then re-sell to our company at the stipulated price as stated above. thereafter, the profit will be shared base on 60/40% percentage. With that i was hoping that a reliable person can assist me in supplying my marketing manager the product. The quantity demand from my company is 50 to 150 packets monthly. All I need from you is to be kind, honest, and trustworthy.

Your reply is of great important, all information needed is intact and all that matters now is your respond if you are interested.

Kindly, get back to me with Your Full Contact i.e. Company Name if any, Phone and Fax Number. If you can offer this services do reply me as soon as possible. Kindly send your reply through my alternative email address:

Dr.Mathins Young

Sunday, February 28, 2010


I just discovered the joy of tweeting on my old Nokia 5130 with a cheap gprs connection !

Monday, November 23, 2009

2012: My Review

I watched 2012 yesterday. What Crap ! Here is the story in 7 stages

1. The Americans outsource Geological Services to India, and some Indian points out that the earth is doomed
2. Americans outsource contruction of the Arcs to the Chinese
3. They then sell the seats on the Arc to Rich Europeans and Middle Eastern Sheikhs
4. They screw up on the deadline date at least 3 times
5. Then they try to screw the rich blots by leaving them outside the ships inspite of having got the complete payment from them (akin to Insurance companies)
6. The rich fat slobs, politicians, and general vermin (literally) finally get onto the ship, set sail in the storm, and finally there is hope that they will repopulate the earth with more like them. What a way to selective mutation while the rest of the world drowns (Amen)
7. The lousy geologist makes out with the Prez's daughter; There's some cheap black comedy with a fat rich Russian who deserves to die and he does; Lousy Author's Wife has no choice but to get back with him (her other option dies)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Was Columbus Married ?

Was Columbus Married

Had Columbus been married, he might have never discovered America...


Where r u going?

With whom?

To discover what?

Why only u?

What do I do, when u r not here?

Can I come?

Coming back when?

Will you be back home to eat Dinner ?

Most importantly: What will you get me ?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How to use ZiPhone

  1. Connect the Apple Iphone to your PC

  2. Open Itunes. Itunes will detect your iphone. Just cancel any of Itunes attempts to synchronize or download any firmware update (at least as of now)

  3. Open the Ziphone Application ( The icon that looks like a yellow Lock. It opens up a window that looks like this

  4. Press the "Do it all" Button and relax. Don't get perturbed by the iPhone starting to display lots of white text messages in Black background. Your phone will get unlocked within 4 minutes.

  5. People have repeatedly asked me whether ZIPhone is safe. In Zibri's words "ZIPhone is yet to harm an Iphone". I completely agree. In fact, My iphone was on firmware 1.1.3. I had my Itunes accidentally upgrade it to 1.1.4 and lock it again. I just used ZIPhone and Unlocked it !!! Zibri Zindabad J

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

IPhone in Chennai

Here are the prices of various phonesin Chennai (Courtesy

Since a decent camera multimedia phone costs anywhere upwards of Rs 15,000, the Iphone seems to be an extremely good buy.

HP -iPAQ hw6965 > Rs 24,000

Nokia N95 > Rs 25,000

Samsung Armani >Rs 26,000

That is, if it is bought directly from the US. Unlocking is made easy with I tried this miraculous software and it works like a charm. In fact I even upgraded my Phone firmware from v1.1.3, to v1.1.4, and when my phone got locked again, I used Ziphone again to unlock it. FAQs for Indians who want to have an iPhone

1. Iphone cannot read contacts from an Indian SIM Card. Export your addresses to Outlook and Sync it with the iPhone

2. Even after that IPhone does not have the intelligence to pick up your contacts and show them on the caller id unless the phone numbers start with +91 XXXX, or +1 (for US callers). The normal Indian phones are pretty intelligent on this

3. IPhone's word dictionary is no match for Nokia's and motorola's powerful autocomplete T9 dictionaries.

It is too late int he night for me and my boss wants me to send him some stuff I'm pending on. My next post will continue this topic with additional stories on my hunt for an IPhone in Chennai

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Added Meebo

Added meebo to help my Blog fans chat with each other as they go thru my site :P