Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Abracadabra - By Ambrose Bierce

By Abracadabra we signify
An infinite number of things.
'Tis the answer to What? and How? and Why?
And Whence? and Whither? -- a word whereby
The Truth (with the comfort it brings)
Is open to all who grope in night,
Crying for Wisdom's holy light.

Whether the word is a verb or a noun
Is knowledge beyond my reach.
I only know that 'tis handed down.
From sage to sage,
From age to age --
An immortal part of speech!

Of an ancient man the tale is told
That he lived to be ten centuries old,
In a cave on a mountain side.
(True, he finally died.)
The fame of his wisdom filled the land,
For his head was bald, and you'll understand
His beard was long and white
And his eyes uncommonly bright.

Philosophers gathered from far and near
To sit at his feet and hear and hear,
Though he never was heard
To utter a word
But "Abracadabra, abracadab,
Abracada, abracad,
Abraca, abrac, abra, ab!"
'Twas all he had,
'Twas all they wanted to hear, and each
Made copious notes of the mystical speech,
Which they published next --
A trickle of text
In the meadow of commentary.
Mighty big books were these,
In a number, as leaves of trees;
In learning, remarkably -- very!

He's dead,
As I said,
And the books of the sages have perished,
But his wisdom is sacredly cherished.
In Abracadabra it solemnly rings,
Like an ancient bell that forever swings.
O, I love to hear
That word make clear
Humanity's General Sense of Things.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Footie Fox

Footie fox is a winner. No more posts until the world cup is over. Until then, watch this !

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Tiger Versus the Donkey

Once upon a time an old ass
Its master thought ‘what an appetite it has!
“I have to work for all day
To give it bales of hay.
Why don’t I abandon it?
And peacefully here I sit”
And thus he left it in the forest alone.
Alone left it was to cry and moan.
Our ass was watched by a hungry tiger.
This sight made his mouth wider.
The tiger was of its fame
As the king of the jungle was its name
Its mouth watered at such a treat
For it had never tasted a donkey’s meat.
Miya! It shouted to the old one.
“Sorry I did not hear you son!!”
“Do you know everybody obeys me?”
“At my presence”, said the ass,”how can that be?”
”Let’s have a race uptil eve, Hey!
And see who wins lots of prey.
The tiger ran and caught some rabbit with distraught.
The ass lay on its back
Like an old beaten haystack.
Vultures and hawks came beside
The ass trampled and crushed them to his side.
By eve both came to see who had more.
The tiger had a dozen, but the ass had a score.
Said the ass,”You have caught animals living on land,
But my prey consists of those which hardly touch sand.
“Alas!” Said the tiger,” I fail”.
And left with its hind legs covering its tail.