Thursday, April 05, 2007

Paris La Economique

While returning from Barcelona, I got my Paris-Bengaluru return postponed for a day. I wanted to spend some time in Paris. It was the first time I decided to travel-around without company. Which turned out to be a rather memorable experience.

Now, I needed an Agenda. I chalked out Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Notre Dame, and Arc De Triumph. Got a map at the Barcelona Aitport. Figured that if I could somehow get a good deal at any place nearby, I would just dop my luggage and start touristing.

The tourist information counter at the Charles De Gaulle Airport was very good in pointing out a 60 Euro/night hotel in Paris, called the Au Palais De Chatillon. This hotel is at Raymond Poincare, which led to the Eiffel Tower (When I went back and told me colleagues about this they could'nt believe that there is actually a decent place that comes that economical. The Caldes Hotel in Spain had cost me 120 Euros per Night !).

The rooom was very small, on the 4th floor (The fact that the hotel did not have a lift, was a bit disconcerting, but probably okay). It was very neatly kept room with a tiny equally spotless pastel shaded shower-only bathroom.

I just strew my luggage and went out. The route I took is over here in Wayfaring. It is as below (I hope this looks good on Blog. I'm using this for the second time).

The Louvre Museum guys were on a strike because of this reason (I dont understand a single word of french, but could deduce this was something to do with pay rise - Is it not everytime ?).

Anyway, so the place had a free entry (No logic ?). The place is very ancient and a wonderful sight. Especially for those who remember "The Da Vinci Code" by heart. And I was not the only one. The Louvre inside was full of Tourists who were specifically looking for the Mona Lisa. In spite of the fact that I could see posters of the Mona Lisa with directions, every tourist was heard asking each other where it was.
The room with the Painting is a bit isolated and is also in soft light. Cameras with flashes are discouraged. But due to the scarcity of administration staff, it was turned into a "flashy" scenario. People amusingly just fell short of getting their pictures taken while they hugged the painting. It is only 2-D, so saved ! Nike - The winged goddess of victory was not. There were some Korean tourists who had their pics taken while they put their hand around the sculpture !
I safely could get a small video of Mona Lisa.

It was a long walk that I took along the river Seine. I would guarantee it is definitely worth a try if you are a fan of walking. Just follow my Wayfaring route

The night was well spent in a Hagen Daaz on the street overlooking the Arc De Triumph. Air France operates a car service that could actually pick me up quite close by and drop me at the Charles De Gaulle Airport. A day well spent.


harsha said...

sriram.. liked your way of expressing things. update on the latest trips too!

dEviLopEr said...

Harsha - Thanks man :) Next Post: An Ice hockey Game description from a dummy's perspective