Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bye Rhododendrons - Hi dEviLoPer !

After a lot of soul-searching, coffee, and sleeping, I have decided to rename my blog. The reason I'm renaming it is three-fold (I have a friend who has the habit of putting in a three-fold reasoning, even though the situation may be plain enough to warrant just one. The habit stuck on).

a) Re-Branding: Take the example of the onida devil, which was killed a few years back, but restored right in order. This is a very smilar case, as ppl know me as deviloper(Or as Virus which was the result of an unfortunate series of events in college) more than probably rhododendrons (an alias that I used to chat with unsuspecting ppl when I was in college)

b) Merging my Blogs/Gmail account: I merged my deviloper blog, my gmail account and my rhododendrons blog. This did take a lot of time...during my office hours (ppl next to my cube eould have heard the furious typing from mine).

c) The third reason as I said is really nothing. So My blog can be accessible from both, and

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