Friday, September 15, 2006

This is me !

Sure, the path to success does involve hard work and a lot of perseverance but it is crucial to get "lazy" on a regular basis. Actually, there are two very good r easons to take on the lazy approach. First of all, it may sound ridiculous but some of the best and most innovative ideas come to us when we are playing or taking time out. The conscious mind is not occupied with a task but the subconscious mind is still working. Because the conscious mind isn't "forcing" an answer, the subconscious mind has the opportunity to go through its vast databanks to search for hidden connections and hard-to-see ways to solve problems. In fact, the harder you try to search for an answer consciously, the harder it may be to find it. The longer you work, the more tired your brain gets and your efficiency suffers greatly. Once you release the pressure by "getting lazy" or playing, your mind has the chance to regenerate and will be happy to help you out. Apparently, Einstein used to come up with brilliant ideas while taking a shower! So, however paradoxical it may sound, get more done by doing less. Go to the beach. Take a hot bath. Make that part of your work routine.
The second advantage to the lazy approach is that it can lead to great innovations. Lazy people don't like hard work and can spend countless hours searching for ways to avoid it. This can drive people around them crazy but these "misfits" are the kinds of people who have brought us great inventions. Thank God for Edison who didn't want to strain his eyes in candlelight, for whoever came up with the calculator idea
because he didn't want to count by hand, and the many others who gave us great innovations because they didn't want to break a sweat!

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