Sunday, April 09, 2006

Software Reviews

1) Trillian Basic 3.1 (
Rating - Thumbs Up

-This has got all the features of Y! and MSN messenger including audio and video chat

-Single window interface for all messengers

-Excellent user manual

1) Internet Explorer 7.0 (Beta 2 version, Released on March 20th 06')


Rating - Thumbs Down

Copy cats ! - They lifted tabbed browsing from Mozilla/Netscape/Firefox.

Copy cats ! -They lifted side bar search from Firefox

Copy cats ! -They lifted add-ins/extensions concept from Firefox

It loads faster than IE 6.x, apart - nothing special

1) MW Snap (

Rating - Thumbs Up

-The best Screenshott software ever !

-Single .exe file. No set up required

-Single select-click/copy/print/save option for fastest screenshots

1) Foxit Reader (

Rating - So-So

-Adobe Reader isn't your only option for viewing PDF files

- I love single .exe files without setup !

-No stupid piugins that load on the Adobe startup screen for an eternity. Takes a few seconds to spring up !

-Why dosen't the damn thing allow me to edit PDF files without putting u a stupid "eval" watermark on it !

1) CCleaner (

Rating - Thumbs up

-Well, my only comment - My PC became much faster after I ran this !!

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