Tuesday, April 25, 2006

How to download Videos from Video Sites

One of my latest fads is to go through videos on video sites. I personally rate google videos as the best. However, there are categories
a) Google: Look at my previous post. That is the kind of brilliant stuff Google Churns out
b) You tube: This site has some of the most hilariously funny desi videos. Example, wanna see Namma Captain and T.R in Action ? Check out these links !
Captain Rocks !!
Watch Captain fight the bad guys. Watch out for the shades !!
This one captures Captain at his best. Watch as he is being tortured "brutually" after being captured. Watch out for the expressions :-) This one is a winner
Even Better: T. R. Fight scene:
God ! Does he manage to talk while fighting !!!!
c) - Not really seen that many videos, but it is recommended to be one of the best

So how do you download videos from these sites ? (They only allow you to watch them on the site)

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