Monday, April 24, 2006

BPO For Dummies

Taken from Wikipedia, which in turn quotes PWC as the source

Global BPO Market by Industry
Information Technology 43%
Financial Services 17%
Communication (Telecom) 16%
Consumer Goods/ Services 15%
Manufacturing 9%

Global BPO Market by Geography
United States 59%
Europe 27%
Asia-Pacific (incl. Japan) 9%
Rest of the World 5%

Size of Global Outsourcing Market
2000 USD$ 119 Billion
2005 USD$ 234 Billion
2008 (est.) USD$ 310 Billion

Size and Growth of BPO in India
Year Size (US$ Bn) Growth Rate
2003 2.8 59%
2004 3.9 45.3%
2005 5.7 44.4%

Currently the Indian BPO Industry employs in excess of 245,100 people and another 94,500 jobs are expected to be added during the current financial year (2005-2006)

Call Center Employee cost
USA US$ 19,000 annually
Australia US$ 17,000 annually
Philippines US$ 9,050 annually
India US$ 7,500 annually

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