Saturday, March 04, 2006

Online Grievance System in India

I've personally never tried using these systems, do cannot vouch for their effctivness, but I think it is way forward in outlook, and the Indian government must be appreciated for their efforts to maintain an online greivance system.

Here are some I found out last week.

When I visited this site, I saw that I was the 67,000th person to have visited this site. So either this is new or not many ppl have tried this.

Closely linked to this site is the website of the Indian Citizen's charter that explains citizens of their mandate. Check it out. Very informative.

Couple of sites especially for ppl who get bogged by calls from Multinational Banks who thrust credit cards into unsuspecting pockets and burn a hole through them

I was informed there is also a greivance forum but couls not manage to find it on google (let me know if you know)

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